Our Student Ministry is not currently meeting in person during Sunday services! However, we have plenty of plans that you can check out below!



We exist to create communities of students where they can form real, healthy relationships, journey through life together, and be equipped and challenged to carry God's Kingdom into their Schools.

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Sunday Student Service (Not Currently Running)

On Sunday morning, we offer an interactive way to do Church for middle school and high school students. We include a mix of hanging out, group worship, and relevant teaching just for students. We work really hard to create an environment where students feel welcome, can connect with their friends, and have the opportunity to worship together.

Middle School

CSM Middle School is our mid-week event designed to encourage healthy relationships between students and leaders with fun and energetic games. We help students take charge of their faith through relevant group discussions and in-depth studies of scripture. It is our goal to create an environment where students are comfortable inviting their friends.

CSM Middle School Schedule: 

Wednesdays, Time TBD
Building B

For Middle School Ministry updates, text csm_ms to 757-379-8278 or email Billy at

High School

CSM High School is a community of high school students that meets weekly to hang out, engage in conversations through small groups and serve others. The goal is that students would connect to a small group and they would begin to do life with them.

For more info on CSM High School midweek events, please email Haaley at

Helpful Info

We are excited to be partners with you as you travel down the parenting road. Get started today and check out the great Parent Ministry resources we have provided for each grade your student is entering in!

Life Group Leader: These are the adult Leaders who spend time weekly preparing and then leading the Life Group discussion. It is also expected that a Life Group leader will spend 2-4 hours a month organically with people in their group.

Sunday Morning Table Leader: Table leaders are there to hang out, engage with and love on students. This means playing games, drinking coffee and helping to lead table discussions. The ultimate goal of the Table Leader is to connect students with each other and with their Life Group leaders in order to bridge the gap between Sunday Morning and Midweek Life Groups.

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