The Growth Track is a 4 session program offered every month with the goal of making or engaging with Christ followers and encouraging them on their faith journey.

The purpose of the Growth Track is to ensure that you’ve connected with God, to help you connect with other followers of Christ (especially those here at Coastal), and to help you discover your purpose so you can make a kingdom difference in your life and the lives around you. It explains the mission and culture of Coastal Community Church and provides important resources that will help you take your next steps and build lasting relationships.


Session One - Discover Coastal

Learn about the incredible history of Coastal Community Church from its humble beginnings, to who we are today, and where we believe God is taking us! We’ll discuss what we believe, why we exist, and how we go about accomplishing our mission. Takes place on the first Sunday of every month. 


Session Two - Discover Your Design

Did you know that God gives every follower of Christ at least one spiritual gift that will enable them to fulfill their God given purpose? In Session Two, we’ll discuss your Spiritual Gift Assessment and Personality Profile in order to help you learn how you are wired and what you might be gifted to do for God’s kingdom. Session Two takes place on the second Sunday of every month.


Session Three - Develop Your Leadership

Every person has influence, therefore every follower of Christ is essentially a leader. It’s important for us to learn how to develop our leadership qualities, strengthen our gifts, and refine our character. In Session Three, you’ll learn how to do just that and more! Session Three takes place on the third Sunday of every month.


Session Four - Deploy your Gifts

Our spiritual gifts are given to be used to build up the local church (like Coastal) and the universal church (the body of Christ). In Session Four, you’ll be encouraged and challenged to deploy your gifts, and learn about the many opportunities for you to deploy your gifts right here at Coastal. You’ll be given an opportunity to speak to ministry leaders and potentially join a team and make a difference. Session Four takes place on the fourth Sunday of every month.