Coastal Community Church's Lead Pastor Transition


Coastal’s Lead Pastor and his wife, Hank and Donna Brooks, are retiring after 45 years in ministry and 25 years at Coastal. And just as God gave our church the promise of Philippians 1:6 at its founding, it is still relevant for us today:

“I am confident of this, that He who began this good work in you will complete it until the Day of Christ Jesus!”   Philippians 1:6

Our mission remains “to make more and better followers of Christ, and Christ-following churches.” As we trust Jesus to guide and direct us as a church family, we anticipate God’s goodness and provision will unfold before us in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pastor Hank and Donna are looking forward to retirement! Once Coastal’s new Lead Pastor has come on board, they plan to travel and put more time/energy into mentoring younger pastors and church planters.

Our Elder Team is responsible for the interview process as Coastal searches for our next Lead Pastor. They have partnered with Slingshot Group to help with the transition, and to do a nationwide search. Once the Elder Team has prayerfully selected the person they believe God has chosen to be the next Lead Pastor, they will set up meetings for the church family to meet that person and ultimately the church will vote on them. 

Partnering with Slingshot Group for this search means collaborating with a highly experienced and dedicated team that specializes in helping organizations find exceptional leadership talent. Slingshot Group brings a wealth of expertise in navigating the complexities of pastoral transitions, ensuring a smooth and effective search process.

Their approach is rooted in a deep understanding of both our churches needs and the unique qualities required in a pastoral leader. Through strategic planning, thorough candidate assessment, and personalized guidance, Slingshot Group works alongside us to identify and recruit candidates who align with our vision, values, and mission.

By partnering with Slingshot Group, Coastal gains access to their vast network of potential candidates, as well as valuable insights and resources to support every stage of the search process.

Yes, the position has been posted on Slingshot’s website. Those interested in applying can do so directly through Slingshot. Rest assured, Slingshot will conduct a thorough and comprehensive vetting process for all candidates, ensuring that each applicant receives careful consideration.

Prayer will be so important during this time of transition! Please pray regularly for the following:

  • For Hank and Donna as they transition into retirement

  • For Coastal’s staff as they continue to serve the church family on a day to day basis

  • For the Elder Team to have God’s wisdom and discernment as they consider the best candidates for the job

  • For our future Lead Pastor (and family) that God would already be preparing them for the work God has called them to do here.

  • For our church to continue to grow and to be healthy throughout this time of transition

  • For Coastal’s next season of ministry as a church

  • “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” James 5:16 (NLT)

    Pastor Hank will be retiring, in 2025, after 25 years of ministry here at Coastal, and we are in the process of prayerfully searching for the next Lead Pastor the Lord has prepared to lead us. 

    What are we looking for in the next Lead Pastor?

    Some have asked what we’re looking for in the next Lead Pastor. We’re looking for someone who loves the Lord and people, someone who:

    • has experience leading a larger church
    • is a gifted communicator
    • is a strategic thinker
    • is a leader with a proven track record

    The Process

    We’re working with an outside consulting company that specializes in walking with churches going through these kinds of transitions. There have been over 150 resumes received for this position from people all over the country. That has been narrowed to 7 possible candidates. In recent weeks we’ve interviewed 7 solid candidates and have narrowed these down and are setting up second interviews. These interviews are scheduled to happen between July 15th and 31st.

    We will continue to pray and interview and narrow down our the candidate pool. Please join us in praying for God’s direction for Coastal during this time. Other candidates may jump into the mix as we seek God’s direction, they will get the same process of interviews.

    Once the online interviews are completed the rest of the process will involved face to face interviews and connections, and once we have identified the person God has chosen for Coastal, we will bring them here to meet you and to preach.

    After that the membership of Coastal will vote to call them as the next Lead Pastor.

    How can I Pray?

    When this process comes to your mind, I hope you’ll see that as Gods’ way of prompting you to lift this process up in prayer. 

    • Pray for the Brooks’ as they prepare for retirement
    • Pray for the church as we go through this transition
    • Pray for the staff as they adjust to a change in leadership
    • Pray for our Elder Team to be led by the Lord, following his leadership and guidance throughout the whole process. Pray for discernment.