Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What platforms can I play on?
    - IOS, Android, and Windows 10 users can access the server using the following instructions.
    - Xbox and Nintendo Switch users are able to access the server, with a few extra steps, detailed at the end of this guide.
    - Unfortunately, the server is inaccessible to PlayStation users.
  2. How do I join the server?
    - To join a minecraft server, first press the “Play” Button.


    - Press the “Servers” button, and scroll to the bottom of the page.


    - Press the “Add Server” Button, and input this information:
            Server Name: CoastalMinecraft
            Server Address:
            Port: 25581


    - Press the “Save” button, and then simply press “CoastalMinecraft” and then “Join Server”.


  3. How do I play the game?
    - Ordinarily, Minecraft is a game primarily focused on mining and building blocks in order to progress through challenges within the world. The experience offered by the Coastal Minecraft Server is a more streamlined, linear experience, and the normal features of the game are limited.
    - To progress through the activity, Simply follow the directions and collect all 9 Easter eggs. There are also 7 additional “Secret” eggs that aren’t part of the main activity. Once You’ve found all 9 eggs, Congratulations! You’ve completed the main activity. If you like, continue searching for the additional 7 secret eggs, or just explore the world!
  4. For those playing on Nintendo Switch or Xbox: 
    Versions of Minecraft on Nintendo Switch and Xbox do not natively support bedrock servers, though there is a popular workaround to get it to work. This workaround does not work for PlayStation.
    Here is a link to a video tutorial explaining how to use the workaround (Nintendo Switch video & Xbox video). At the end of the video, it reaches the screen to input the server information. Please input this information instead of that shown in the video.
            Server Name: CoastalMinecraft
            Server Address:
            Port: 25581