Spend some time getting to know us through the website and then join us on a Sunday morning.  Here's what you can expect when you drive onto the property: a parking team ready to help you get a great spot, people genuinely glad to see you, something for everyone in your family, great music and a message that will help you throughout the week.  Check out answers to common questions here.

Getting your SECOND WIND is all about suddenly being able to breathe freely again after having been out of breath… it’s finding a new strength or energy to live life after having endured difficult circumstances.

There are so many people in the Bible who found God’s SECOND WIND for their lives in the midst of their struggles, and during the next several weeks, we will look at and learn from their stories

There is a lot going on at Coastal, get involved in as much as you'd like! Check out our calendar for all the latest information.
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