We believe that God's Word provides power for salvation and strength for today's living.  (2 Timothy 3:16-17; James 1:22; Matthew 4:4).  We value teaching Biblical truths in a clear, accurate and relevant manner.


We are regularly overwhelmed by the intimate love God has for us through Jesus Christ. We encourage God's people to express their appreciation and love to Jesus. We come together to worship Him and pursue many pathways to connect with our Savior.


In our 21st century post-Christian society, families face challenges that threaten to overwhelm them. We are therefore determined to create a "family-friendly" environment in the church, build healthy families and have strategies for strengthening our families as part of our ongoing ministry.


Every person deserves to have the Good News of Christ communicated in a way they can clearly understand and relate. That communication includes relevant language, culture and music. While the message never changes, the methods must adapt in every generation. Therefore, we are determined to learn how to live out our faith in a culturally relevant way, while building bridges of communication to society for Christ's sake.

Holy Spirit

God's Spirit provides the believer with power for living, understanding of spiritual truth, and guidance in doing what is right. Adopting this value causes us to deliberately carve time into our busy schedules for two-way communication with God (prayer and Bible study), and learn how to walk in obedience with Him.


Creativity and change is needed in every Christian generation as it asks the question, "how can we best capture and express what God is doing in the culture of our day?" We are determined to reward creativity and accept the risk that goes with it in order to allow ministry leaders to fearlessly and responsibly pursue new methods for bringing people to Christ.


We believe that we have the obligation to remember our primary mission is to bring unbelievers to the Lord. To this end, we may be called on to: give up nice parking spaces, convenient seating, available programs, and in general - comfortable lives, in order to give precedence to those who don't know Christ.


Excellence honors God and inspires people. Too often Christians are satisfied with doing the "acceptable minimum" when it comes to their service for God. The Lord deserves our best. Therefore, we are determined to raise the standard of excellence in our worship and service to God.


Our desire is to work with God to build a consistently healthy church that is growing both spiritually and numerically. This commitment means that we will regularly celebrate God's legitimate growth in the church and will encourage the pursuit of methods and policies that will facilitate that growth on all levels.


Since the early church (as evidenced in the book of Acts), the single most effective evangelistic methodology is planting new churches. Therefore, we are determined to encourage and pursue the planting of new congregations as the Holy Spirit leads.