The Bible is plentiful with instructions to "Tell Your Story" such as Psalm 92:2 and in numerous other places. There are several reasons for doing this, one of which is simply to be obedient as a follower of Jesus. But in addition to that, telling the story about what God has done and is doing in our lives, will help solidify our own convictions about God's work in our lives and serve as a reminder to us to be grateful, daily. Last but certainly not least, it will be an encouragement to others that might be trying to find their way or are in place where they just need to hear that God is working in and around them. 
Nothing you share will be publicized without your written permission.  

Somethings you might discuss in your story:

  • How did you come to commit your life to Jesus?

  • What has He done in your life?

  • What is He doing now?

  • How is Coastal helping you to become a better follower of Jesus?

  • Where are you serving or have served in the past?


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