Let’s be honest. This is not an easy conversation.

I mean, this is your little baby, and when you have this conversation, it feels like you’re declaring an end to their innocence. Can’t we just let them believe until they’re 18 that storks bring babies? Look, the truth is, as parents we avoid teaching our teenager a healthy view of sex because it feels like there is a depth to our sweet little innocent child that we begin grieving. But you’ll eventually grieve even more if you avoid this topic. You know, the chances are that your parents did not equip you do deal with this all-important issue, and the fact that you’ve never seen this modeled appropriately makes it even more difficult to deal with. There is likely no other topic with more distorted missing information than this one. And there is little in life that can cause more pain to your teenager than an improper view of sex. So the Purity Weekend is a rite of passage that creates an opportunity to set your teenager up to approach this subject with a healthy view.

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The Purity Weekend


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