This year we are inviting your child to see the power of friendship. Why this year? 4th grade is a huge marker in friendship development for kids. For the first time many children form a deep relationship with a “best friend.” For the first time many keep secrets from their parents that only their friends know about. Some of your children are going to secretly notice that boy or girl across the room and not really know what to do about it. Also with technology at their finger tips many 4th graders can now stay in contact with friends outside of school through texting. This is the year to process the power of friendship with your child.

The biggest influence in a child’s life is their parents. The second greatest influence comes from their circle of friends. Friends shape our child’s story so it is so important to help them choose wisely. Your next step is to check out toe How to video and get started toward the rite of passage experience for 4th grade.




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