This year we are inviting your child to discover a rhythm for their life. In 3rd grade kids begin to be pulled in many different directions so we are hoping to help them learn to manage a great gift God has given them...time. The truth is that time is a limited resource. There is only so much of it and we are only given a certain amount of days to live life. Every moment truly does matter and making the most of it means we have to discover a rhythm that maximizes the time we’re given. 

Some parents want their kids to have schedules that are packed so they can experience many different opportunities as a child. Some parents want to focus their child’s activity so they can still have time to play, explore, discover and still be a kid. No matter the preference for you family we hope this year we can help your child overcome an out of control pace that brings stress on them to an intentional pace that brings balance. When we help kids to learn to manage time and set priorities we set the up for healthy balance in life. Your next step is to watch the “how to” video and help your 3rd grader can find their rhythm.