Parenting can be one of the most rewarding yet challenging times of your life.  It's hard work and has long hours.  Your children go through changes faster than you can blink your eyes and as parents, we often feel we have to know everything all the time.

But, for all that hard work, and all those long nights, you also get to experience the joys of raising a child.  You get to see your child grow from an infant into an adult.  You get to teach them new things and see the joy in their face when they discover something new.  You get to see them reach goals they never thought they could and rejoice with them.

We want to help you connect and stay connected with you growing child.  We have provided multiple resources for you and your child.  Each grade level is customized to what kids go through during that time and you are free to use these resources at any time.

So don't wait.  Get started today and check out the great Parent Ministry resources we have provided.  We are excited to be partners with you as you travel down the parenting road.  Through good and bad, it is an honor to be a small part of helping you and your child connect and grow closer to the Lord.