Kimberlee Westlake

Assistant to Lead Pastor

Joined Staff: 2017


Role:  The assistant to the Lead Pastor supports the administrative needs for the congregation communication, research for teaching and logistics support for events led by the Lead Pastor. 

My Story:  I was raised in the church and learned how to go through the motions of religion really well but I did not know much more than that! When I was in the 6th grade I finally understood my need for a personal relationship with Jesus. From that point on, I began to learn (and have continued to learn) how to develop that relationship through time spent in the word, in study, prayer and in community with other believers. I continue to be in awe of His love for me and the grace that He shows me on a daily basis! I am thankful for the way our time at Coastal has grown our family spiritually and blessed us with a church family that we value greatly. I was baptized as an infant but chose to be baptized again as an adult  as a symbol of my choice to follow Christ.

I grew up all over the United States but consider Colorado Springs to be my “hometown.” I joined the Navy in 2000 and met my husband very soon afterward! He has continued his Navy career while I have had the privilege of being a work from home mom for the last 15 years. I have played active rolls in Family Readiness Groups for the Navy, PTA at the kids’ schools, women’s ministries at various duty stations as well as building a home based business. 

I am married to David and mother to Ian, Isabelle and Isaac. I love being creative, family game nights, traveling, cooking, the Denver Broncos and time with my family and friends.