Judy Ballard



Joined Staff: 2017


Role: The Financial Administrator ensures donations, accounts payables and all financial dealings are accurate and kept confidential.

My Story:

I was raised in a family with six kids.  I was the first girl after 4 boys.  My first chosen name was Richard.  Sitting at a dinner table of 8 was like having a party, everyone talking and laughing over a wonderful meal.  I had a great family and a very memorable childhood.

Growing up in church was a part of my life. I knew Bible stories and “Jesus Loves Me.” My family went to extended church every Sunday - Sunday school followed by the church service.   As an adult, even though I attended church and volunteered my time every Sunday, I did not have a true relationship with God.  I believed in Him but He was not an important part of my life until I came to Coastal.  After a few years with Coastal, I was baptized, attended all the Core classes, and my final dream has come true.  I am now committed to God, loving my relationship with Him, and I am working for Him in His House.

I have been employed with the Virginia Beach School System and working in elementary schools for over 25 years.  It is so very rewarding to be a special part of so many children’s lives and knowing I can make a difference in their future.  

I am single, I have 4 incredible sons and 4 beautiful grandchildren.  I live 8 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean and take advantage of it often – only a brisk walk or bike ride away.  

I am a very blessed woman and I thank God every day.