Here's what you can expect when you drive onto the property: a parking team ready to help you get a great spot, people genuinely glad to see you, something for everyone in your family, great music and a message that will help you throughout the week.  We're looking forward to meeting you.

Everyone likes more information, here are some typical questions people ask about our Sunday experience.

What do I wear?  We're a casual church and you'll see a wide variety of clothing - from shorts to more business casual.  Wear what is comfortable for you ... we just ask that you wear something!

What do you have for my kids?  We strive to be child friendly and have great environments for children - birth through High School. Coastal Kids (birth - 5th) offers amazing age appropriate learning in exciting and fun filled spaces.  Your kids will feel welcomed and loved.  Look for the guest check-in in the lobby to get your kids plugged in. We've also created a dynamic worship experience just for your Middle School and High School students.  Volunteers with red student ministry shirts can answer all your questions about Student Ministry and get your students connected.  You'll find them in the lobby ready to meet you.

Do you have anything that will help me wake up in the morning? YES we do! On your first visit, head to our Connection Center in the Lobby and snag a coupon for a free specialty drink or pastry at The Coffee Shop.  That should get your engines revving!  All profits from The Coffee Shop go to impact families around the world.

How do I get connected? Head to the Connection Center in the lobby and they will help you find a next step.  We have a monthly lunch with the staff as well as classes, Life Groups, and lots of events that will help you get to know people and connect.  Explore our calendar.

See you soon.