Haaley Gillen

Assistant to Life Stage Pastors


Joined Staff: 2019


Role: The Assistant to Life Stage Pastors supports the Children’s Ministry, the Student Ministry and the Biblical Living Pastor.

My Story: Between volunteering and interning, there has hardly been a time in my life where I haven’t been involved in some part of the church. In high school I enjoyed volunteering where I could, and in college I served on the leadership team for my campus ministry, Reformed University Fellowship. It was in college, after growing up in church and Christian school, that I realized that this God thing was for real and that if I really wanted a relationship with Him, I would have to pursue it and make it a priority for myself. Later in college, I did three years as an intern in their Youth Ministry. 

School has never been my forte. After attempting to complete several years of college, I decided to take an ongoing break to pursue my ministry calling. I have just returned from spending a year in New Zealand doing an internship with their Middle School Ministry! I have grown tremendously in my gifting because of it and I have fallen in love with the New Zealand people and culture.

I love being outside and adventuring around! I enjoy doing pretty much anything as long as great company, excellent food, and lots of laughs are involved. I am passionate about books, movies, music, and museums as well as camping, hiking, and eating.