Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC) is a Christ-centered organization with a calling to reach out to women and families involved in crisis-related pregnancy by offering real help for the present, hope for the future, and healing from the past. There are 2 ways you can IMPACT the community by partnering with CPC during our IMPACT series.

  1. Donate towards the “Baby Boutique” - CPC conducts voluntary classes with the women who wish to be involved. During those studies, there are ways the women can earn “bucks” to spend in the CPC "Baby Boutique” (a place inside CPC where expectant mothers can “purchase" baby clothes, diapers, wipes, and other necessities for newborns). Women who successfully complete the class can then use those “bucks” to spend in the CPC Baby Boutique, which is fully stocked by donations. When you IMPACT the community by donating to the Baby Boutique by buying items from the Approved Donations list that will be handed out at Coastal, you are doing several things. You are helping to encourage the women who are in the class, you are helping give the women a sense of pride as they earned those “bucks” to spend on their child, and you are providing that unborn child the opportunity to have some of it’s most basic needs met. This is a GREAT way to help in many ways, and probably one of the easiest ways to IMPACT the community. Bring donations to Coastal Community Church during business hours between Tuesday, October 15th - Thursday October 24th.

  2. CPC Clean Up Day - CPC always wants to put their best foot forward for the families that seek their services. Signing up for the clean up day entails meeting the CPC representative, Christy, at the Virginia Beach location ready to help do a cleaning of their establishment. CPC will provide all of the necessary cleaning supplies. They just need the people to help them put their “best foot forward” in servicing the women in the Tidewater area who are in crisis. Expect to help at this project from between 1 -3 hours.